Engadget Brand Kit


                          Reproduction in Print

                          For print reproduction, partners should use the supplied vector-based artwork. The Engadget logotype must be reproduced at a minimum of 1.6 inches wide in print.

                          Reproduction in Online + Broadcast

                          For online and broadcast reproduction, partners should use the supplied RGB vector-based artwork. For online use the Engadget logotype cannot be reproduced any smaller than 170 pixels wide. For Broadcast use, the logotype must never be used on a photo, illustration or background that would obscure legibility or the users ability to delineate that the identity being represented onscreen is Engadget.

                          Logotype Distortion

                          The Engadget logotype may not be distorted in any way. Exceptions to this rule may be allowed for mobile app and mobile web use within the constraints of the OS and only with prior approval from Engadget.


                          The Engadget identity exists as a custom logotype and should never be approximated by retyping the identity's text component. In situations where headline and/or body copy use is necessary, the approved font for reproducing Engadget editorial content accurately is Guardian TextSans. For alignment, the Engadget logo is always optically centered based on the midpoint of the logotype.

                          Brand Colors

                          R: 228
                          G: 76
                          B: 119

                          Yellow Orange
                          R: 244
                          G: 184
                          B: 19

                          R: 45
                          G: 203
                          B: 112

                          R: 24
                          G: 187
                          B: 155

                          R: 50
                          G: 151
                          B: 218

                          R: 154
                          G: 88
                          B: 181

                          Violet Dark
                          R: 116
                          G: 67
                          B: 137

                          R: 11
                          G: 12
                          B: 13

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