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                          Is the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 powerful enough to replace a laptop?

                          Tell us how Samsung’s 2-in-1 tablet is working out for you.

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                          Back in October when we reviewed it, Samsung's Galaxy Book 2 was the first device available featuring a Snapdragon 850 CPU. The 2-in-1 performed admirably for editor Cherlynn Low, completing tasks faster than the ASUS NovaGo's Snapdragon 835 could, while also delivering over 15 hours of battery life. The package includes a keyboard and S Pen which, combined with a vibrant display and gigabit LTE connection, earned the Galaxy Book 2 a respectable score of 83.

                          But readers wanted to know more: In the comments section of the review they requested more details on ports, app compatibility and configurations. So, we're opening up the floor to those of you who purchased a Galaxy Book 2. After all, who knows a product's drawbacks and strengths better than someone who's used it for months?

                          Head over to our product page for the Galaxy Book 2 and leave a review laying out your experiences with it. Is the performance good enough to rival an Intel-based system? What's your favorite use for the S Pen? And what about those ports, anyway? Help out your fellow readers with a detailed review, and you may see it included in an upcoming user review roundup!

                          Note: Comments are off for this article; please contribute your review on our Samsung Galaxy Book 2 product page!

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